Friday, September 07, 2007

Scatterday R

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It's not actually Saturday yet, but I am not sure what time I'll have tomorrow. I hope you approve my choices.

1. Plants - Rhododendrons (though strictly speaking they are called azaleas now)
2. Childhood - Rabbits were always a very important part of my kids' lives - along with practically every other pet you can think of.
3. The Arts - this had me stumped for ages. Finally settled on "Ruddigore" - a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. Coincidentally I am reading a Kerry Greenwood book called "Ruddy Gore", where detective Phryne Fisher solves a murder in a theatre where Ruddigore is being performed.

Have a good weekend, all.



  1. Nice work, Liz! Ruddigore was an inspired choice! Di J

  2. Very good Liz, I like the way you think!
    Beautiful rhododendron, is it growing in your wonderful garden?

  3. I looked for Rhododendrons but I couldn't find any. Should have popped over. Love your photos. Love the old photo of the kids with the rabbits.

  4. Never heard of Ruddigore... very clever of you, love the girls with the rabbits as well and the
    Rhododendron is a beautiful colour. cheers Pennie

  5. Yes, one of my rhododendrons, now a victim of the drought.

  6. Lovely work Liz, that is interesting that rhododendrons are now called azaleas I thought they were different flowers, I had a rabbit too called Fred didn't think of using him at all and I am enjoying the art theory lessons for this task.

  7. Beautiful Rhodo, of course I found one just like that AFTER I scattered R's

  8. Hello Liz, Love the pics your new camera creates. Nice closeups. I also have a Rhododendrom. It likes lots and lots of water, sooo I can understand why it is stressed. All my flowers were stressed this summer. A very dry one. It seemed like I spend the summer watering flowers and bushes. But it is now finally raining.Thank God. Hugs Judy