Monday, January 14, 2019

Babies on Display

Over the last week we have had hatchings of Red-browed finches, Sparrows and Blue Wrens. We are so lucky that the parents trust us enough to bring their precious little ones onto our front lawn to play and feed. I am sure there have also been honeyeaters hatched, but they are far less confident and rarely go to ground.

We have had hours of pleasure watching the antics. especially of the wrens.  They are so funny chasing mum and dad for a feed, little round bodies, long spindly legs and little tails wagging. Impossible to get a focussed shot as they are never still.

The baby  finches lack the red markings on their heads. Apart from that. they are hard to distinguish. They are quite independent and you rarely see them demanding to be fed, like the baby wrens.

And my favourites. These little fellows are just so cute and so unafraid.

They remind me of the three wise monkeys.

We have had three days of 40C degrees here. Oh for some cold, wet weather.

Liz Needle  - linking with "Our World Tuesday", "Nature Notes"  and "Wild Bird Wednesday".


  1. Lovely clicks of a cute group enjoying each other's company.

  2. They are just so sweet to see! Our resident blackbird taught her babies how to forage in our yard and I felt quite privileged!

  3. I love watching baby birds in my yard and these are adorable.....Michelle

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