Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Return

An aptly named title!!  It is March since I posted to my blog and so much has or has not happened since then. I'm not sure why I have neglected my blog. Maybe the cold!!  We have had a very cold dry autumn and winter this year and sitting at the computer has been a chilly operation.

We have had a new slow combustion fireplace installed and that has made a difference to the temperature in the living rooms, though I am not sure that we have saved on wood as promised by the salesman. Maybe because Don still builds the fire up as if it was still an open fireplace.

We have also repainted the three main rooms in the house - similar colors, but fresh and clean with sparkling white woodwork.The last time they were painted was in 2000, so we were due for a  new paint job. 

The very large tree that came down in the storm in January has finally been removed by the insurance company - after 5 months of havoc in the garden. The tree is gone along with two others that had been weakened by the fallen tree, but what a mess the tree loppers have left with their large machinery. The assessor came out on Friday and now begins the probably lengthy process of getting the insurance company to foot the bill to put the area back to rights. Hopefully not another 5 months because as soon as we get the winter rains, the area is going to be a disaster area.

It has left us with enough wood for the next few years and a mountain of mulch for the garden.

More later. This has caught us up a bit, dear readers - if there are any of you left - which I doubt.

Liz Needle


  1. I missed you! Welcome back.....and good luck getting your lovely garden back to its old self. xx

  2. Still here! We use wood heat and love it. Although, it is a lot of work and a bit of a mess. Glad to hear from you.

  3. Great to see you back Liz, I love the colours of your newly painted rooms and looking forward to seeing a new garden growing out the mess left by the fallen tree.