Friday, December 02, 2016

Wild Bird Wednesday

I recently spent 5 wonderful days on holiday with a very dear cousin, Margaret and her husband in Melbourne. We wandered through Botanical Gardens, visited Heronswood - home of the Diggers Club -and caught up on years of memories.

John, her husband is a very keen birder, so we were constantly stopping to look, exclaim and snap - with pleasing results. It is so enlightening to walk with someone who knows birds. I am determined to go back and spend some time in John's favourite birding haunts - my birding tends to be limited to our garden.

I will post photos of the gardens later, but here are some of the bird shots I was able to capture.

Black-fronted Dotterel taken at Cranbourne Royal Botanic Gardens. The shot is not as clear as I would like, but it was taken at a very long range.

A baby Dusky Moorhen. His siblings were off having a great time with mum and he was on his own. He was being harassed by a couple of silver gulls. The next two shots were taken at the Melbourne Botanic Gardens.

This was very cute. This baby Purple Swamphen was chasing his mother everywhere for a feed, constantly getting under her feet. He was lucky not to be stomped on.

One of my favourite little birds - Superb fairy-wren  - so photogenic. This little fellow and his mate were in coastal scrub at Mentone.

And probably my favourite shot of the holiday. Taken at the Mornington Pier, these guys are proof positive that either birds can't read or that they refuse to follow the rules of man.

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Liz Needle

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