Thursday, December 08, 2016

Still Spring

The weather man is being so kind to us this Spring with a series of beautiful mild days - perfect for gardening - and a decent rainfall every week. I have only had to water the garden once this Spring. Great for the water bill - I wish I could say the same for the electricity !!!

Some more Spring delights from the garden.

My one Rhododendron has been gorgeous - actually I have 2 of them, but only this one actually flowers properly. I have always struggled to keep rhododendrons alive - heavy clay and not enough water perhaps. Anyhow, this one has thrived.

I do love the Phildelphus. The flowers are so delicate and pure.

And the roses have excelled themselves - but please don't ask their names - I am hopeless at remembering names.

Liz Needle  -  linking with "Floral Friday Fotos".


  1. What a wonderful series of flower images. Thank you for sharing the beauty of them in your photographs

  2. Beautiful flowers! Weather just turned very cold here; I prefer the spring.