Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wild Bird Wednesday

Our herons may have upped and left, but we have a new visitor to the garden. We haven't seen a kingfisher here for years, but he has been seen 3 times over the last week and I was lucky enough to get some shots of him as he moved around the garden.

I think with all the really wet weather and flooding we have been having, the water-logged paddocks are yielding up all sorts of little frogs, worms and grubs.

This fellow is a Sacred Kingfisher and usually only comes this far south in summer to breed.They usually hunt on dry land but also use the margins of wetlands - which our place definitely is at the moment.

We are hoping with the coming of the breeding season, we may see him with a partner.

And a few shots of the water pouring from the neighbours dam and into our paddocks and garden during our record breaking spring rains.

This is the side paddock where usually we have cattle grazing.
Almost into the garden. This dam is usually almost dry.

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  1. Excellent shots of the kingfisher, and wow that looks like a lot of rain!!

  2. Love that beak on the Kingfisher!

  3. How ownderful to have this bird come 3 times into your garden and that is some, probably needed rain

  4. Hello!:) Gorgeous captures of Sacred Kingfisher, no doubt he will find what he is looking for in your garden, and I hope he provides you with more photographic material, and it would be great if he found a mate.

  5. Got to love Kingfishers - I have a few up my sleeve from my recent Darwin trip!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne