Friday, September 18, 2015

Photo a Day 128 - Flash storm

On Wednesday we had a flash Spring thunder storm in a small part of Adelaide. I happened to be driving home and was stunned at what I saw.  So stunned in fact that I forgot I had my new camera in the car. Luckily I remembered and took these shots driving along. The traffic had slowed down so much that I was able to snap away. Lucky though that the police were busy coping with the aftermath of the storm.

At one stage the main road was flooded and we had to drive through nearly 40cm of water. The hail was really thick even when I went through an hour after the storm.

 This water is covering the footpath, gutter and most of the main road.

Hail covers the sevice station

And the road.

I guess to a lot of people this doesn't seem extreme, but in a dry state like ours it was pretty devastating with roofs collapsing with the weight of hail, houses and business premises being flooded, numerous car accidents, roads flooded  and so on.  We had more rain in an hour than we have had for the whole winter.

And it was isolated to a few square kilometres of the city, though the rain itself was more widespread.

Liz Needle

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  1. Crazy! A land of flooding rain indeed.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne