Friday, June 05, 2015

Photo a Day 100 - The Grass is Greener

My post for Friday Greens  this week is one I have shown before, but it tickles my fancy so I thought it worth repeating. Living in the Adelaide Hills, we are prone to summer bushfires, so the government in its wisdom had initiated a tree lopping program to ensure that all trees are trimmed so that they are a ceratin distance from electricity cables.

Now I don't have a real problem with this rule, but I have huge problems with the contractors who perform this task. They employ men who have no idea about trees and how to prune them, who have no interest in the trees they are pruning and so consequently do a terrible job and ruin trees. They also enter private properties and make no effort to contact the owners about what they intend to do.

We have repeatedly requested that they come to the house before they commence any trimming so that we know what is going on. This they have failed to do.

Imagine our delight when we looked out of the window one spring day to discover that they had driven across our front paddock and got themselves bogged up to the axles in the mud. They actually tried to drive across a mud flat and into a creek bed. If they had come to the door they would have been told about the mud and been given an alternative route.

Some hours later, with the help of several more vehicles, they were extricated from the mud and drove off very red-faced.

One might have supposed that the very greenness of the soft ground, the presence of the creek and dam and the bog plants growing through the paddock  would have been a clue to the state of the paddock!!

Interestingly since then, they always come to the door to let us know what they will be doing on the property.

Liz Needle  -  linking with "Friday Greens".

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  1. Oh, I would have been smiling big time...the powers that be that hire these people should demand that they be respectful of other people's property.