Saturday, November 23, 2013

Friday's Fences

I must have had a busy week as I haven't touched my blog at all. Funny, it didn't seem to be that hectic, but I must admit I did sort of lose a couple of days. My son and I had a night out. We went to the movies and on Wednesday at 9.00pm saw the first "Hunger Games" movie, followed at 12.01am on Thursday by the new "Hunger Games" movie. You do have to be a fan, but we enjoyed ourselves.  Unforunately I didn't get to sleep afterwards until 6.00am, so the next day was virtually a write-off.

So on to Friday's Fences for this week - a day late. In an earlier post I showed the very grand gates and fence of a renovated property.  Amazed the other day when I drove past to see that they have erected this enormous bronze urn in the middle of the front lawn. It actually looks quite monstrous to my eye - but each to his own taste.

By contrast I rather liked this old iron fence around a cattleyard.

Most unusual.  Never seen one like this before and I can't for the life of me work out what it is made from.

Liz Needle linking with Friday's Fences

PS.  My husband tells me that the fence is made from old iron railway sleepers. Apparently as sleepers they were not very successful, but they seem to make an effective fence.


  1. i was going to guess highway railings or safety girders. pretty neat.

  2. Hello Liz...the railroad sleepers made a very unusual fence and a GREAT photo! Thanks for your comments on my blog....

  3. How unusual - I've never seen that kind of fence. Very nice photos!

  4. Love that iron unique!