Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wild Bird Wednesday

Very excited as I have a new camers - a Canon 60D - and am loving it. madly snapping photos. Trouble is my son keeps borrowing it too, so I guess I'll show you some of his shots too. These were all taken at a nearby wetlands.

 This pair of Royal Spoonbills look like they are dancing - a quadrille perhaps?

 A Pacific Black Duck flexing his wings.

 And Mama Pacific Black with her brood.

This little fellow is a black-fronted Dotterel.

 A dusky moorhen going about his business.

.And I could not resist including this very friendly fellow - an escapee from someone's poultry run, I suspect'

Liz Needle  -  linking with 'Wild Bird Wednesday'.


  1. the moorhen is cute. and those spoonbills, too! so pretty.

  2. How wonderful, and you sure know how to capture life at its best with it already!

  3. Spoonbills are beautiful birds to see... lovely images of all your birds.

  4. Some really stunning birds there.

  5. Those Spoonbills are lovely. Glad you have a new toy.... enjoy

  6. Ooh these look like locals! said I.
    Nicely captured

  7. HI Liz Just catching up on our posts over past week as I have not been able to go there. Love all the shots of the birds and Kangaroos in your paddock.

  8. I love the ducklings! Have fun with your new camera.