Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday's Fences

After much discussion (argument) with my husband, we have fianlly agreed to extend the front garden - about 10 metres. The front fence had to  be redone and  my son who offered to do the fencing wanted to extend it, so it is done.

 Enough room for another lot of trees. We had to cut down some of the old ones because they were affecting the solar panels, so now I can put in some new species that I hadn't come across before. Here are some shots of the new fence in the process of being erected.

 Here you can see the pile of wood from the trees that were chopped down. One was a maple that spread seeds all over the garden  - tiny maple trees everywhere. A real pest.

One day I'll show you the new plantings.

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  1. husbands are too funny. glad you will add to the garden. hopefully it will be something you enjoy for many many years. happy weekend. ( :

  2. It's nice to expand one's property for gardens and such. I like the farm gate for your new fence. Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend. Pamela

  3. Nice to have the room for expansion

  4. It will be worth it when all is done.