Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sepia Saturday

Love the theme picture, but nothing remotely resembling that in my collection, so decided to go with cute kids as I have a lot of them. Unfortunately, although my computer is back in working order,  I am having trouble re-installing the scanner and printer, so am limited with what photos I can use.

These two happy little souls are (I think) my great aunts Agnes and Laura. But I am happy to be corrected by whatever family member reads my blog. Look at the expression of the little one on the right then go down two to the picture of Laura and Carl - same happy face!!!!.

Here we have Agnes with her baby sister Ida
And Laura with her little brother Carl. Carl was my grandfather

I am not sure why, but Blogger is only allowing me to resize and add a caption to the first three photos I download. Same thing happened last night too. Brickbats to Blogger.

These are the five eldest children for Carl (see above) and his wife Minnie Heyne. My mother is the girl on the left.
We believe these children are the step children of Agnes (pictured above), though I think the youngest one may be Agnes' oldest child and the other two the step children. He has the very blonde look of the Heyne clan, while the others do not.

These little cuties are my husband's father and uncle. Twins run in the family as one of these little boys also had twin boys 
My husbands little twin brothers
The family then skipped a generation until one of my husband's nephews had twin girls. Who knows what will happen with future generations.
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  1. I think they had to pose and hold the pose for such a long time in those old photos that they hardly ever looked happy. Your mum has a little smile though.

  2. Blogger does indeed have a mind of its own! Pictures of children are always charming, especially twins.

  3. These are gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing!

  4. Your husband's brothers are hilarious -- can't tell if they are ready to sing or fight! HA!

    My husband is a twin and there are many twins and triplets in his family tree. So far no twins have been born to his twin sister or to her children. I'm not sure whether to wish twins on my girls or not. LOL

  5. You are so right - these are very cute photographs and you have such a wonderful collection. . I loved seeing them. - the hairstyles, dresses, poses and expressions.
    Thank You.

  6. I agree with ScotSue. The pictures are wonderful & so well preserved. It's great to have photos of parents & grandparents, etc. when they were young. I just sent a photo to my 9 yr old grandson who plays youth football outfitted in full uniform with big-ol' pads & helmets that remind one of bobbleheads, a photo of his grampa - also at age 9 - in his youth football uniform & he got a kick out of it. What a difference between uniforms, though! I have a hunch Beau (grandson) had a good laugh over it.

  7. Oh by golly, you sure have shared a collection of fine expressions in all of these adorable little ones. I just know once they were set free and ran outside to play in the dirt, those happy faces returned again!

  8. For a while I prayed for twins - one and done, and all that - but we had a singleton, and so we have one. :-)

  9. I don't think that Laura liked having her photo taken.

    A wonderful collection of photos.

  10. My latest glitch is that Google + will not load my photos into the albums I want for later use on Sepia Saturday.
    No record of twins as far as I can see in my family back to the early there is no way I could match yor delightful photos.

  11. I saw a child last Thursday in a grocery cart being pushed into Costco that had the same expression as the young ladies in the first shot. I kept looking at it's face wondering what it would look like when older. I feared it would look like a person who was once a friend. She was a friend until I took a long trip with her in Europe and discovered she drove me nuts. I hadn't thought of her in decades until I saw the child.

  12. There were more than one set of twins on my mother's side of the family too.