Friday, September 27, 2013

Fridays Fences

What a long time since I have posted to this meme. Computer crashes, new motherboard  and now a new camera and I am off again. Having fun with the new camera - a Canon EOS60D. Able to take shots I could not get before.

These old buildings are on a nearby farm and always look picturesque. They were actually used in a feature film made some years ago - one of my goats was in the film too, but did she  not receive any renumeration. Can't remember what the film was called, but I don't think it was very memorable.
This was the original homestead built on this property, probably in the 1850s.
This building was probably the barn or the dairy - about 100m from the old house.  Must see if  I can find out a bit more about the history of these buildings.
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  1. congrats on the new camera...I like this country scene.

    1. Thanks for your comment. It is beautifully green around here at the moment - a long, wet, mild winter. But it won't last. All too soon it will start drying off as summer approaches.

  2. sweet old place. congrats on new camera and computer fix!

  3. This is a lovely scene. It's sad, though, to see the ruins of what was once someone's homestead.

  4. Enjoyed you taking us back in time to this lovely area.

  5. Oh, how I would love to see these in person! I love that first shot.