Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sepia Saturday

This week's theme is all about people on an outing - the ones in the theme picture seem to be off to look at sights or going on a hike.

This brought to mind some of the old photos I have of people on visits to the country for some reason or other.

When I was a small girl, businesses used to take their workers on a trip at the end of the year. I well remember the big picnics that my dad's firm used to put on. Sweets and icecream for the kids, picnic lunches, a ride in a big bus - all geat fun. I can't imaging too many businesses doing that these days.  This photo must be of a works picnic in 1947/48. From memory we went to Belair National Park in the Adelaide Hills. I am the blonde kid sitting crossed legged about a third of the way along the front row from the right hand side.

My husband's family had a grazing property called Daisy Dell in the far north of the state near a place called Nackera. We don't know a lot about the family - much of the stories are shrouded in mystery.  But, we do have an old album of photos, so we are able to imagine what the history may have been.

The first photo appears to be city relatives who have driven up for a visit. The cars and clothes would suggest the late 20s, early 30s. The registration plate on one of the cars shows a very early registration number.

And here we have the country kids from Daisy Dell on a visit to the beach. There were 14 kids in the family and these are some of the girls in their best clothes.

Other outings in the country were visits to the local Agricultural Show - I am only guessing here.

Sometimes city kids went on trips to the country to play sport against country teams. These girls were from Norwood Technical School on a Girls Basketball(now called Netball) trip.

My mother was their teacher and coach. This would have been the early 30s and the river has to be the River Murray - South Australia's only river of any size.

And finally from the family album, a couple of city visitors who have been visiting the local shop.

Liz Needle


  1. Very easy to spot you ! Exactly like my daughter Alice at the same age.

  2. I'm glad you gave these an 'outing' - lovely pictures, especially the girls in their best outfits.

  3. My favorite is the shot of the five lovely girls. I'm enjoying reading about your vacation in Bali too!

  4. Good choices for this weekend's theme since the photos capture that camaraderie and enthusiasm for adventure.

  5. Imagine a licence plate numbered 76 - they were some of the first, I guess. Lovely pictures.

  6. Your second photograph, with the old cars and the ramshackle building in the background, is particularly intriguing. I wonder if the building was for livestock.

    1. The family lived on a grazing property with mainly sheep and cattle I imagine, but they were very isolated so probably had chooks, pigs etc as well.

  7. What fabulous photos...hard to pick a favourite. I love the group photo -I'd imagine there'd be people out there who had forgotten that particular picnic. I think my fave has to be the school girls on the branch over the river.

  8. wow these photos are amazing! I could sit and look at old photos for hours. 'Every picture tells a story....' love them ♥