Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Fences

Back home in South Australia after a great holiday in Bali.  My picture today was taken close to home. This area used to be home to a lot of small dairy farms and when we first moved here 40 years ago, the milk truck was a regular sight each day, collecting the milk in cans from the side of the road at each dairy. Sadly the bottom fell out of the dairy industry and only the large dairies have survived - none in this area.

The old dairy farmers have moved on to other things - beef cattle, vines, retirement, poverty - and all that remains of the dairies are the old milking sheds and cattle yards.

Progress I guess, but at what cost???

Liz Needle


  1. hope you are glad to be home. relaxing & all. ( :
    i enjoy those clouds. i guess progress for some does take time. ha. ha!!

  2. yeah..."progress".. welcome home!

  3. Progress is a double edged sword sometimes...nice shot!

  4. This is a heart breaker picture, but it is one that can been seen all over the world these days. It is so sad. Your capture of it is special. You really get the feeling of day past and the it all worth it? genie