Tuesday, February 08, 2011

My Kindle

Great excitement. My Kindle, a Christmas present, has arrived. I love it!! Just one problem that I cannot solve. I bought the model with Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities, only to find that I am unable to connect at home. I can drive 6 kms to the nearest town where I teach and connect straight away but not at home.

I really have no idea how all this technology works. I wish I had my Year 7 boys from last year: they were able to help me out with all my computer problems. Where are they when you want them?

I think the problem is that there is no 3G coverage where I live, although my mobile phone works here. I am probably going to have to get a wireless thingo so I can connect that way. I wonder whether that will work?

Meantime I can get around it by ordering books online from home and they download as soon as I get to school next day. Very frustrating though!

BUT, I love my Kindle and am having fun finding books for it.


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