Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spring is springing

It's taken a while this year, but Spring is beginning to show its beauty in the garden. Now all I have to do is get rid of the weeds!! Too wet and muddy at the moment to even attempt it. My dad always used to tell me never to weed in muddy ground.

The ajuga makes a lovely blue splash wherever I need ground cover.

Such a pity the daffodils are finishing just as the bluebells are beginning. They look good together when I can get them flowering together - not this time.

This dainty little miniature violet is one of my favourites

The blossoms on this flowering crab apple are so delicate and beautiful

Thed camellias are nearly finished now. They copped a beating this year with the rain. Nice to be able to say that, though.

An early fuchsia - in a protected spot.

The birdbath always make a pretty spot .

And of course Ollie has to get into the act. He loves gardening with us. He digs enormous holes - usually where I have just pulled up a weed, or planted something. I am amazed that he is still in one piece, so closely does he get involved helping with digging and hoeing.

Liz from the garden


  1. You have beautiful flowers, and your birdbath is so pretty.

  2. Thanks Corrie. Spring is very p[retty in the garden, but I think Autumn is even better