Wednesday, September 09, 2009


What would we do without our furry friends. Our two little Jackies give us so much love and devotion and all they ask in return is our love and the occasional game.

I say the 'occasional' game, but with Ollie it's one long non-stop game. He's the first pup we've actually had inside most of the time. Our earlier dogs were mainly outside dogs (by choice - they loved to hunt and roam all over the paddocks, but the roads are busier these days and we don't let the dogs out without us), but since Don has been retired, they spend a lot of their time inside keeping him company during the day .
At night Ollie claims me as his own and would happily chase a ball or anything I throw for as long as my throwing arm holds out. Have to say I can't resist those eyes and that cute face.

If there is no one around to play with him, he gets in to the most horrific mischief. On the occasions that Don has gone out, he has come home to find that Ollie has found something to amuse himself

balls of wool unwound all over the house

toys with stuffing ripped out of them

library books chewed up - the last one cost me $38 to replace

a bag of flour torn apart and spread all over the lounge floor

potatoes chewed up and spat out

soap packets torn open

a set of school assignments home for marking totally destroyed

bags of fabric strewn around and so on.

Now when we go out we Ollie-proof the house. All chairs and sofas are moved to the middle of the room, doors are locked and he is confined to the living area only. Everything is put away or placed totally out of reach. He is obviously paying us out for going off and leaving him alone with no one to play with except old Jeb. Jeb puts up with Ollie remarkably well and will play with him until he gets tired and then he lets Ollie know in no uncertain terms that he has 'had enough!'

Jeb is 14 now and likes to lie around and watch TV with Don. I guess we will have a life without Jeb soon enaough, but meantime we are enjoying the company of these two little lads.