Monday, May 11, 2009

Wonder Diet

Feeling very pleased with ourselves this week. Don was told he had to lose weight prior to an operation, but we have not really had much success. Quite by chance I came across the "Women's Weekly 21 Day Wonder Diet" book in the newsagent and I persuaded Don that we should both try it. It meant following a 21 day regime and most significantly giving up alcohol!!!
Well, we started. It is a very healthy diet based on a low fat, no sugar plan which follows the Australian dietary guidelines quite strictly. The recipes for each meal for 21 days are all set out and a shopping list is included for each week. We found the recipes surprisingly easy and quick to make and quite delicious. You don't have to follow the daily plan, but can swap meals around, repeat favourites and leave out things you don't like. Neither of has felt at all hungry and most amazing of all - it works. After 2 weeks Don has lost about 7.5 kgs and I have lost nearly 4 kgs.
We actually look forward to each day's meals and have every intention of doing another 3 weeks. The alcohol bit hasn't been difficult to stick to, although we did break out a bit for Mothers' Day. Don is a diabetic and this has been no problem as the diet is suitable for his condition. Best of all the food would be suitable for all members of the family and once weight loss is achieved, could be adapted for a weight maintenance plan.
We both recommend this diet to anyone wanting to lose weight healthily. We feel better and know that we are eating more healthily - not that we were eating unhealthily - just too much.

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  1. Good for you Liz! Dieting is so difficult. I'm currently trying to develop a walking habit, but some days it would be so much easier to sit on the sofa.