Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Welcome Ollie

I am catching up on events of the last few weeks, hence the two blogs on the same day.

After Cooper died, our old boy, Jeb fretted badly and we decided that we - Don and I - would get another dog to keep him company. We sort of decided that we would get an older dog if we could and started looking in the papers. Last Saturday we found a young dog advertised - younger than we had planned, but he sounded like a good fit with us - a Jack Russell puppy about 5 months old.

Off we went to have a look at him. Of course the minute we saw him, we fell in love - as we always do with JR pups. And so Ollie joined the family.

See what I mean? How could we resist? Jeb wasn't sure at first, then he decided that maybe the young fellow wasn't so bad and he deigned to play with him. After 3 days he's not so sure about the situation. He plays for a while then finds a place to hide so Ollie can't annoy him.

Ollie on the other hand loves Jeb - in fact he loves everyone and everything!! He loves chewing things, he loves chasing things, he loves playing games, he loves being put outside to do his bits and then coming back inside to do them! He actually watches TV and reacts to what he sees and hears. We've never had a dog do that before. Very funny!!

Already he is making a place in our hearts alongside all the other dogs we have had over the years.

Ollie wanting to play - Jeb not so sure

Jeb, out of reach, but looking decidedly fed up with everything

Welcome Ollie!!!


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