Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What a hoot!

Today, I took a team of 25 Year 5/6/7 children to the Hills Combined Schools Athletics Carnival. This is an annual event and although we don't have a lot of success, the kids are really keen and put a lot of time into practising before the carnival. We are only a small school and so practically every senior student is involved somehow.

Had trouble getting a bus to take us there this year, but finally we were offered a second run which meant we were late getting there and we had to leave early so the bus could do two trips. Not a problem; we sent a few over by car for the early events and coming home before the presentations is never a problem as we don't figure in them anyway.

So, today we had a great day. One of my Year 7 Vietnamese boys got a second ribbon in the Shotput as did one of the Year 7 girls. We also got a few 4th and 5th places which pleased us a lot. Despite the lack of wins, we had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed the day away from books, the fresh air and the good sporting competition.

We left early and got back to school, where I was met by the school secretary. She had just had a phone call from one of the other schools wanting to know why we had left early. We explained about the buses.

"What a pity!" was the reply. "You won the Handicap Shield!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Unbelievable!!!! We won!!!

"What does handicap mean?" asked the kids???


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