Sunday, March 01, 2009

Great Kids

I am very proud of my 6/7 class. One of my friends is the principal of a primary school that was in the bushfire area in Victoria. Although none of the families from the school was injured, many of them had to be evacuated and they all lived through a horrific time not knowing if they and their homes would be safe. I asked my friend if there was any way we, my class and I , could help and she suggested we could write letters to her kids. She also said that they would like to take their children away on a fun excursion to get them away form the horrors they had been through.

I took all this to my class and they decided that they would try to raise some money to help the Victorian school finance this trip. They set to with enthusiasm, organising a non-uniform day, a sausage sizzle and a pancake day. Sure they had fun doing it, but nonetheless, they never lost sight of the reason behind their efforts. I am really pleased that we have just been able to send of a bundle of letters and a cheque for over $400.

There's not a lot wrong with the younger generation. They just need the older generations to have a little faith in them.

Liz Needle


  1. Thank you Liz - the kids and teachers at school were very very touched. They are writing back to your kids. We have a blanket ban on excursions at the moment due to fire risk but that will be lifted soon and then we will be off somewhere exciting - will keep you posted.

  2. We were very glad to be able to help out. I hope that you can soon put the money to good use. We'd love to hear back from your kids.

  3. They have written letters to you - should arrive next week

  4. I need your email address to mail you the tutorials! Please email me at :)