Monday, January 19, 2009


I have the bit between my teeth now. I thought I would show you what my clever son has done in the past few weeks. The back garden has needed attention for a while, but we were waiting to finish some paving. Now Mark has paved the area, built some new back steps and landscaped the area at the back of the house, including two small fishponds which I have wanted for the past 30 years!!

The birds just love this area. They drink from the bird bath, but I am sure they think the fish ponds are really giant bird baths as well.

Seen from another angle. The steps and the paved patio area can be seen middle right.

The fish ponds - no fish yet. We are waiting for the cement to 'cure'. Check out the lawn. This is never watered.

Liz at Lenswood


  1. Looking good. How on earth are you all managing to work outdoors in this heat?

  2. Love the garden Liz. The lawn looks amazingly green.

    I am thinking of starting a blog to put the photo challenges on. Would you mind if I take any of your photo challenge photos and put them onto the blog site?