Saturday, January 17, 2009


So much for my good intentions about keeping up my blog. But, in fairness I have been in Sydney visiting my gorgeous little grand daughters. Sorry I can't show their photos, but trust me, they are beautiful. I can show you their dog, Buddy, but he's not as pretty as the girls. LOL!

Gotta say he is pretty cute though.

Finally my eldest daughter Jo and her partner Steve have taken possession of their new home - well not new, it was built in 1849, which considering South Australia was only founded in 1836, is pretty old for this part of the world.

It is an old sandstone farmhouse on 28 acres of land - the house is in good condition and really only needs a coat of paint of make it liveable, There is a big rambly, run down garden full of old fruit trees and European trees, shrubs and perennials. Jo is a keen gardener and she will have a ball seeing what comes up as the year progresses. They have numerous fruit and nut trees - nectarines, peaches, plums, apples, pears, cherries, lemons, walnuts, mulberries, almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts and, weirdest of all considering we are in South Australia, 5 spindly, sick looking paw-paws. The plants all need a lot of work, but they are certainly worth the effort.

The front of the house with its lovely verandah

The back entrance

Part of the front garden

Part of the back garden

Back to school next week. As much as I enjoy teaching, I am not really ready to go back. Maybe a ticket in Cross Lotto will do the trick???



  1. How nice to come across this site. I am the agent who sold your lovely daughter and her partner their "new" old home. I agree, it is a wonderful property and I look forward to seeing the impressions of their own style that they make to the property. Best wishes.

  2. Hi Pam,

    How clever of you. Jo and Steve are thrilled with the place and looking forward to working on it. Painting thisweekend to get it cleaned up enough to move in.

  3. The house and gardens look very inspiring, Liz. I'm sure they'll have their own ideas up and running in no time. What a great adventure!

  4. Ok - so now I feel like a real meanie not letting you put photos of the girls on the site - go ahead if you want to. Have some great new photos to send when I get around to it!