Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Cold Spell

As I look out of the window this morning, the fog moves in from across the paddocks- another cold wintry day. It has been raining all night - very much needed rain, but not adding to the winter's cheer. It seems to be the longest wintry spell we have had in years, with temperatures regularly down in the single figures and several morings here where it was -1 on our front lawn. We have had a good lt of rain, but it's further north they still need it and even more in the catchment area of the Murray River and it's tributaries. The Murray is desperate - it is dying.
The theme for our photography this month is wet - well, it's wet all around us, but nothing like on the scale of earlier years up here. These photos, taken in different years are actually of the paddock to the side of our house.

We don't seem to get wet winters like this anymore.

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