Tuesday, July 29, 2008


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For my reflections I have chosen reflections of the sky.
The first one is the sky using my car window - I found, once I started looking for reflections, that car windows are actually amazing.

Unfortunately I couldn't bring myself to taking photos of other people's cars in case they thought I had an ulterior motive. I could imagine myself being taken in tow by the local copper for snooping.

The second shot is a large puddle of water (almost a mini lake at the moment) at the lowest point of our property and the third shot is a closer one of the same reflection. The colour in the water amazed me.


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  1. Okay I am a Nanna too, an old one. So tell me what is a ATCs? My grandson is studying Phys ed Secondary teaching at Ballarat University. I haven't used the correct title, thing change these days. I love those cards can you tell me more about them