Wednesday, March 12, 2008


March 11th

Finally back to blogging. I hope you haven't all run away in disgust. My life has been very loaded down with things lately. First a husband who has not been well, though tests have shown so far that it is nothing life threatening and medication seems to have him under control - I wish I could. LOL.

School with the challenge of 6 delightful, but demanding Vietnamese children as well as 20 equally demanding Aussie 12/13 year olds has also proved more of a task than I expected, but we will get there, I know.

Finally, the reason why I haven't been blogging much - the Retreating Angels Quilt Show next weekend. I have been madly finishing quilts, sewing on bindings and attaching labels and hanging sleeves. Did I tell you we are in the middle of a heatwave and I am sitting under mountains of cuddly quilts doing hand sewing!! Here is another of the finished quilts. This one was a set of friendship blocks, finally put together.

The blocks were made for me by members of the Woodpatch quilting group. Many of them needed a lot of fixing, so they were put away safely and only came to light when I cleaned out my sewing room last winter.

I sent it off to Tracey Browning of Constantine Quilting, then hesitated when I realised the cost involved, especially as I wasn't all that impressed with the standard of some of the stitching in the blocks. However I am glad I went ahead because it is a pretty quilt and looks great in my blue bedroom. Check out the quilting.

I mentioned a heatwave. Adelaide has had 8 days of temperatures over 36 degrees - equalling an all time record. Yesterday we had a cool change - only 35 degrees, but today it was back up to 39.2 . And until next Wednesday every day will be over 35 degrees.

No wonder our gardens are beginning to look like waste lands with water restrictions continuing.

Bushfires today through the Adelaide Hills, supposedly started by lightning. One is within 5 kms of my daughter Jo at Williamstown. Fingers crossed they get it under control. I guess we have been lucky so far this summer, but the scrub is as dry as a tinder box and we are all fearful that if a fire takes hold it will sweep through everything.

Off to find a long cold drink.



  1. I'm glad you persisted with the quilt too, it is really lovely and no one but you will notice the issues with some of the stitching.

  2. What a gorgeous quilt and thankfully after a short while even you won't remember what the problems were with it!