Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Great Show

Well, the show is over! And a very successful weekend it was. The final total hasn't been announced yet, but we grossed around $3500. Once the expenses are taken out, we should have a tidy sum to send to Autism SA.
The setting at Victor Harbor was just superb - the only green patch for miles around. The weather was not fantastic - hot, but it didn't seem to stop the customers and we had a steady flow for the two days.
The quilts, even though I say it myself, were beautiful, and we had some terrific feedback. The company for the weekend was brilliant and the Retreating angels thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
All in all, an excellent weeeknd.

Mr Karl Zander of Autism SA opening the show on Saturday. He planned to just pop in and do the job then get away. I think he felt very out of place. However, an hour later he was still there looking at quilts and chatting to quilters. Very impressed with what he saw.

Yours truly chatting while on gate duty

Angels and assistant angels having a well earned coffee break with the winery owners Neville and Adrian Scott

Liz Needle

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