Friday, January 24, 2020

Sepia Saturday 504

The theme for Sepia Saturday is all about childhood, children at play  and the things we used to play on. Looking through my old family photos, I did not come across much to fIt the theme exactly, but I found some interesting shots of children at play which I am happy to share.

 This first one - not very clear shows my uncle (in white on the right) with some of his school mates with a decorated goat cart. Taken around 1916, I would guess.

 Not from my family photos,but cute nevertheless.  Two little girls in a toy cart.

My English cousins with pony. Late thirties.

My cousins Glen and Roger taken around 1944.  Pedal cars were all the rage in my childhood.

Some of my many cousins visiting grandparents.  Taken in the early forties

Our street gang. Very few candid snaps in those days - children were always posed for photos. I'm on the right with missing front teeth. Circa 1946.

The gang again, but now expanding in numbers. Taken around 1950.

Finally a swing.  My brother and I  - he in his first school uniform. He was so proud of it, he wanted to wear it all the time. Circa 1949

Even big kids like swings!

Liz Needle - linking with Sepia Saturday.


  1. All those old photographs are wonderful to see Liz. Have a lovely weekend

  2. My favorite is the decorated goat cart. What crazy fun that had to be! The goats I've met have not been very reliable. I imagine many a cart went flying or flipped over.

  3. A wonderful selection of vintage childhood photos. I loved them!

  4. You've chosen well. All perfect pix for the prompt. But my favorite is the last proving we never outgrow our love of swings. I had to give up my lawn/deck swing when we moved and I'm determined to have another at some point. So relaxing and so stress-relieving. :)

  5. What a fun bunch of photos, and people enjoying life! DItto what Gail said...though the goat cart would be something that I'd definitely look twice at.

  6. The boys used to have goat cart races. I'm sure there were many thrills and spills.

  7. Love this set of photos...especially the inclusion of your street gang. I grew up on one of those streets, too, with the number of Baby Boom children growing exponentially each year. Love the goat and cart and the pedal car, too.

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  9. I hope you are well...I wanted to let you know that I have restarted Nature Notes meme....Michelle