Thursday, April 12, 2018

Waiting, waiting.....

Well today the weather forecast said we had a 50% chance of rain, so we waited and waited and waited. It is now 11.15pm and we are still waiting. Maybe tomorrow..........!!

Meanwhile, on with the show.  This year we have seen so many little red-browed finches - dozens of them. Such pretty little fellows.

                                               How many can I get in one shot?

This little fellow seemed very taken with something in the bird bath. maybe himself?

We have noticed that the finches are very interested in feathers - not just for their nests, but at times they seem to be playing games with them. One will find a feather and fly around with iit, pursued by another who will then steal the feather and play with it. Very funny to watch the antics.

They are very fond of our wine barrel fish pond and will sir on the edge to drink, then hop onto the water lily leaves and walk across the pond. Unfortunately as soon as I get the camera out, they fly off. I was able to get a close up of this handsome boy.

More birds next time.

Liz Needle


  1. Beautiful little birds, we just don't get these sorts of birds over here... we need rain as well the garden is so over the heat, just like us!! :-)

  2. Handsome little guys with their red brows! I don't think we get them here in S CA (at least, not in my backyard feeder).

  3. Those are beautiful birds. Our weather forecasts are much the same. Sometimes you just never know.