Saturday, January 06, 2018

Sepia Saturday 404

Such an age since I have posted, but here I am back again.  This photo was taken circa 1927 on the occasion of a fancy dress ball in a country town on the Yorke Peninsula - or possibly at Port Lincoln, Eyre Peninsula. (I'm not sure which).

My mother was a young primary school teacher from a strict family and once she left home and went teaching in the country, she had a marvellous social life. Young, bright single women were much sought after in country towns and she and her friends had many admirers among the bank clerks, stock and station agents, farmers, male teachers, doctors
and young businessmen in the local towns.

 These days their social behaviour would be very tame, but in those days some of their high jinks were deemed unsuitable for pillars of the society like teachers and several of them were hauled over the coals and transferred to other towns.

Mum is the one sitting down on the right. I'm not sure if they performed, but they certainly looked the part of gypsy musicians.

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  1. I love old sepia photos! This one with you mom has such a great story behind it!

    1. I regret not talking to her more about her early teaching years.

  2. These are wonderful old shots and yes it has been along while since you have been blogging HAPPY NEW YEAR

  3. With their costumes, they look surprisingly contemporary.

  4. A super photo and great example of the 1920s craze for gypsy costumes. I've seen other photos like this with people dressed up as "gypsies" and wondered if it was sparked by some Hollywood movie, like "Blood and Sand" a 1922 film starring Rudolph Valentino.

  5. Welcome Back! They Have A Lot Of Fun In Their Eyes!

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  7. Good for your Mum for breaking with convention when she was young! And so great that you have this photo of her with her gypsy troupe.

  8. Welcome back to the group! Those costumes are great, and they must have performed somehow!

  9. A great picture and right on the mark with the prompt!