Thursday, June 16, 2016

Super Hero Uncle Mark

Very proud of my bachelor son. With no previous experience of small children, he has for the last year taken on baby sitting duties with 3 year old twin boys. They are the sons of a good friend of his, a single mother who has raised two adorable little boys. Mark helps out so the twin's mother can do extra work without having to pay for a baby sitter.

We sometimes have the boys up here for a Sunday and they love coming to the "farm" - and we love having them. Mark is amazing with them - so patient, caring and capable. He would have made a wonderful father.

Here we are having fun on the farm

Riding bikes

Mowing the lawns

Paying out Uncle Mark

Throwing rocks in the dam
A moment's rest before we start again
Feeding the Chooks
Making gnocchi for tea
Tea time

Ready for bed
The morning after the sleepover - WRECKED!!!
Our grand daughters live in Sydney so we've always missed out on a lot of growing up.  These little guys are doing a great job of filling in a few of the gaps.

Liz Needle


  1. They are lovely looking children and it is wonderful what your son is doing for their mother. He seems to be a 'natural' at looking after them and having fun

  2. Your son and the boys seem to really enjoy each other's company.