Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My World - Fantail excitement.

We have been lucky enough to have Grey Fantails visit out garden for years and in a previous post a couple of years ago I posted a series of photographs of the Fantails nesting and hatching a brood of nestlings.

This year we have seen very few Fantails for some reason - possibly because of the prevalence of Little Wattlebirds - the garden bullies.

Imagine my excitement when a pair of Grey Fantails was discovered bathing in a bird bath last night. Even more exciting was the discovery that one of the pair was a brown variation of the Grey Fantail (I looked it up in my bird book because I wasn't sure what I was seeing).  I have never seen one before and from comments when I posted on my photography group on Facebook - neither has anyone else on the list.

Has anyone else seen this brown variation?  And if so where? Below is the normal colouring that we see a lot of. Pretty little things.

But take a look at this little beauty!!

And here he is frolicking with his little grey mate in the birdbath.

What a little show off.

Liz Needle  -  linking with "Wild Bird Wednesday"  and "Outdoor Wednesday".


  1. Great photos. I'm glad you were able to capture some of their antics at the bird bath.

  2. Wonderful! Great to be able to photograph the two together!
    My WBW entry is at my birdbath, too.

  3. jsut for a brief moment I did see some of this display when I visited Queensland. Sadly they were to far away for shots. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. How precious! I just think them adorable..

  5. Lovely Liz! I should get my camera out!

  6. Fantastic to see them at your bird bath.