Thursday, October 15, 2015

Photo a Day 143 - Very Good Fences

Browsing through my photo collection for some fences,  I kept coming across one particular type of fence over and over.  In fact every house we have ever lived in seemed to have had one of these fences.

Nothing special - just a good old reliable (and probably fairly cheap) cyclone fence. I know they were very common in Australia years ago and still are around tennis courts etc. The fact that there are so many still in use is testimony to their durability.

The first one that was part of my life was the front fence on our suburban house. Here I am in about 1949 with my brother and my dad.

We also had a similar fence at our next home in the 50s but I can't find any photos.

This fence was at our first house as a married couple in Darwin. Don very proudly mowing our lawn. This was in the early 60s.

This next one was our fence in Darwin in the late 60s. It survived Cyclone Tracy in 1974  -  probably because it was held up by the lush tropical growth.

We moved to Lenswood in 1971 and lo and behold a cyclone fence around the veranda of our old house.

This fence is still there and along the way it has served many purposes - like posing for photos with friends:

 Hanging quilts to photograph

As a backdrop for the garden shots

As a wildbird perch

 And of course for Don's operatic practice.

And finally a cyclone fence for two old buddies to hang onto at a primary school re-union

A good old fence, always part of our lives.

Liz Needle  -  linking with "Good Fences"


  1. How interesting to see how the cyclone fences have been in your photos over the years! I rally like seeing the contrast of the ten and now photos,

  2. We call this particular type of fence, chain link. And yes, they last forever.

    Love the perch for the bird AND the beautiful purple flower. But most of all, the reminiscing images of your family and past history....By the way I was born in 1949.

  3. Wonderful series of fence and family images. I love the pretty flowers and the cute bird. Enjoy your day and the weekend!

  4. a neat way to revisit old photos - finding the fence theme running throughout. :)

  5. Belas fotografias.
    Gostei do blog.
    Um abraço.

  6. Enjoyed the trip back in time along the fence lines.

  7. I enjoyed your photos! I agree, cyclone fences are very much a part of all our lives, I think. They have been there for every moment, not beautiful, not interesting, but there, doing their job! :-) The moments of life are what are important. Oh, and that QUILT!!!!!

  8. That was a fun tour down memory lane for sure. - Yep good old (Chain Link) or Cyclone fencing does seem to stand the test of time.

  9. Oh, my, I don't know where to EG, I like the then and now photos. have always had them in your life...I don't think I have ever lived where I wasn't fairly close to a railroad, and always within hearing distance. Even then, it was for less than a year, and could easily hear them. But they were at least more than a block or so away.

    Did you make the quilt? I just wandered cause I am a quilter...I should check your blog out to see if you have more showing.

    I love that one big purple flower.

  10. Great series of photos Liz, the old and the new. That quilt is really pretty and the flower is beautiful!