Saturday, May 23, 2015

Photo a Day 92 - Critters

Today I am featuring my two favourite critters. "Ollie" my Jack Russell and "Alfie" a Jack Russell X Chihuahua X every stray dog in Lenswood!!

Alfie is looking extremely well groomed here. He has just been clipped. He is normally a scruff.

Ollie is a 6 year old pure bred jack Russell. We got him when he was 4 months old. His previous owners sold him on because he was driving their Rottweiler mad. He rode home on my lap and ever since then I have belonged to him. He likes the rest of the family, but I am his!!! He is handsome, super intelligent, moody, sulky, at times aggressive, takes offence easily, jealous, obsessive  but loyal and loving.

Alfie is the product of a rough hair Jack Russell father and a Chihuahu X Jack Russell mother (we suspect that his father is also the father of his mother! Incest in Lenswood!!).

He is two years old, funny, endearing, loving, cuddly, cute, sweet natured, greedy, omnivorous(and that includes socks, sticks, dish cloths, pper etc) and extremely lacking in intelligence.  But hey, who need brains when you have everyone completely wrapped around your little finger.

And he was the cutest puppy.

Liz Needle  -  linking with "Saturday Critters" and  "Camera Critters".


  1. OH wow, they are both adorable puppy dogs. I like the names Ollie and Alfie too. I miss having a dog. Great shots. Thank you for linking up and sharing this post. Have a happy weekend!

  2. they're both precious! and full of personality!

  3. They're both adorable! I love the last shot. So sweet.

  4. WOW1 that last shotof the pup is adorable but both dogs are lovely. Liz i also love the flowers in your last 2 posts. I am catching up and working on posts as I will be away for nearaly a week. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Adorable photos Liz. I love the last shot too but all of them made me smile.

  6. Oh my goodness--just fell in love with Alfie!

    1. Everyone falls in love with Alfie. He is quite dumb, but absolutely sweet, funny and loving.

  7. the puppy seem to have found a great place for a nap. :)