Saturday, January 04, 2014

Skywatch Friday

Finally a proper summer sunset. I was lucky to get it as I was working at the computer and only noticed it when I got up to get a drink. Here it is.

I love how the colour streaks across the sky.

Zooming in closer

Moving across to the left

Just beautiful.

Liz Needle   ---   linking with Skywatch Friday.


  1. Hi Liz. I am glad you wanted a drink. These shots are gorgeous. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you.

  2. Sunsets are sometimes like that .... blink and we miss it, or maybe we're all inside watching The News on TV and miss the beauty all around us. I'm pleased you got up for that drink Liz. wonderful captures.
    Trusting 2014 brings you and yours much joy.

    "Adelaide and Beyond"

  3. Beautiful images, love the blues mixed in with the red of the sunset!

  4. That top shot is stunning!!! The colors against the silhouette of the tree...

  5. oh Liz these are gorgeous!!!!

  6. What wonderful colors! The sky always has wonderful surprises.

  7. Just beautifull sky, colors wonderfull,greeting from Belgium.