Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sepia Saturday

The theme for Sepia Saturday this week is all about horses, farming, Australian country or whatever the photo suggests.  My collection includes a number of photos from my husband's side of the family. His maternal grandmother was born on a cattle station in the north of South Australia in a tiny place called Nackera - no more than a dot on the map. There her mother raised a very large family. I say her mother, because she ran the property while her husband spent most of his time droving between Nackera and Queensland. Of course with that many children he must have spent some time at home. I'm not sure just how big the family was because none of the remaining family is quite sure how many children there were and the story goes that not all the births were registered properly.  They did live in a very isolated spot. She was one very tough lady.

One of the girls riding. Note the old yards behind her.

Visitors from the city. That is a very early numberplate.  Again the old yards

Goods were purchased and delivered from the closest town, some distance away. Those yards again.

The next generation, my husband's parents had a farm at Williamstown in the Adelaide Hills. Here my mother-i-law followed in her grandmother's footsteps and raised 4 boys while her husband was serving in the forces, then 2 more when he returned. She also ran the farm with the help of their parents.
My beautiful mother-in-law on her horse Molly

Father-in-law carting hay and below with a pet sheep..

In-laws on Trilly and Molly

In the gig or is it a trap?  I never know.

And the next generation - us - bought a very much smaller farm (10 acres) 40 years ago  and are still there.

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Liz Needle


  1. Wow, these are great just great photos of action and life the ups and down of back in the day!

  2. You are so fortunate to have so many photographs of your ancestors including some that showing them doing what they did.

  3. Traps or gigs? ("O, ye jigs and juleps!") There aren't many people around now who know the difference; I know that I certainly don't. Whatever -- these are gorgeous family photos (your grandparents on horses -- wow!).

  4. great pics for today. So glad you have pictures to give depth and meaning to lives long gone.

  5. Beautiful photos of Australiana gone by; Great family memories. Enjoyed them very much.

  6. Such great photos. I say, did anyone notice the large teddy on the front of the car in the second shot? Love those coats and hats.

  7. I love the photo of Matthews' Emporium van from Peterborough. Clearly Mr Matthews insisted on the highest standards. Today it seems quite ridiculous to make deliveries out to farms in a suit and tie!

  8. Matthew's Emporium sounds like the place where you could buy anything and everything - my kind of shop, keeping the whole dreadful exercise to a minimum.

  9. A beautiful collection of photos. I have some of some very similar old yards and shelters. I don't know the difference between a gig and a trap either. My grandmother mentions both and has photos of both but I can't tell the difference, except the trap looks a little more formal?

    Your mother in law looks very elegant and adept on Molly.

  10. What a marvelous set of photos to have. especially as everyone is related to you and carrying out 'simple' tasks.

  11. I enjoyed your photos and the brief stories accompanying each. Photos of people at work are always interesting to me.

  12. You have a nice collection of old family farm photos.

  13. Your mother-in-law astride the horse looks like a movie star! Quite stunning.

    1. She was a beautiful woman and a warm, wonderful person. Sadly she died at the age of 50 from a barin aneurism. She lived long enough to cuddle her first grand daughter - after having six sons. I miss her so much.

  14. A wonderful selecetion of pictures down the generations. You are lucky to have so many images which fit the prompt this week.