Friday, December 30, 2011


With our big day coming up - 50th wedding anniversary - on Jan 8th, I decided it was time something was done about painting the back of the house. It was renovated in 2004, but the outside painting was never done. We could never afford to have it painted professionally and were waiting until we could find the cash. Of course that never happened. Then Don got ill and we had other things to worry about.

Finally I decided a couple of weeks ago I would have a go myself. I had my left shoulder done in September and that was feeling reasonable. Don has just had a pacemaker put in so I wasn't expecting help there. Daughter Jo and her partner Steve offered to help out.

So, this morning I bought paint etc and got started on the taping and cutting in.

Before I knew it, Don was out there with a roller and got started on a wall. It took about one and a half hours and we were humming along and very pleased with ourselves. Jo and Steve turned up and took over - by then my shoulders were about to give out. Three hours later and it was done. And looks great.

Now I just have to play with the woodwork and we will have a new house.

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