Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My Ollie

Funny, but we have had dogs ever since I can remember. When I was tiny we had a beautiful cocker spaniel called Trixie. When she died, my dad didn't want another dog for years, so we kids had cats, budgies, white mice etc instead. Then Don and I bought Dad a pup for Father's Day when I was about 19. He was a mongrel and we weren't sure how Dad would take to him as my father was really into pure-bred, quality anythings!
Well, he and the new pup got on like best pals. Dad named him Horace after Horatio Nelson (they both had a patch over one eye!) And, as my maiden name was 'Hornblower (I kid you not), the name Horace Hornblower had a certain appeal. After Dad died, Horace and my mother kept each other company for many years, though neither would ever admit to any show of affection. Eventually Horace disappeared one day when he was about 14 - possibly he found a new home, though more likely he found a spot to lie down and go to eternal sleep.
When I married and started a family, we had a variety of dogs - as you do - from rescued mongrels to pure-bred Dobermanns. My eldest daughter was (and still is) a sucker for any stray and we housed and fed many drop ins over the years as well as carefully chosen and much cherished long term friends. Not just dogs, but cats, ducks, geese, chooks, pigeons, cockies, finches, quail, budgies, canaries, tortoises, mice, guinea pigs, kangaroos, emus, donkeys, ponies, sheep, goats, rabbits, goldfish,. tadpoles, hermit crabs, pheasants, peacocks, guinea fowl, calves, cattle and 2 very lovely dingo puppies.

But in all that time I never actaually had a dog I could call my own - until Ollie! And he is very much mine - according to Ollie. He is a Jack Russell pup - now 12 months old and is probably the smartest dog we have ever had. He's very naughty, very possessive, very human oriented and totally captivating and very loving (my family say spoilt, but they still love him). Ollie does everything I do. he eats anything I eat. He shares the bathroom when I use it, he helps with the washing and gardening. He chases the bird seed when I throw it on the lawn and picks the vegetables with me. He is my shadow. He sulks when I am using the sewing machine or computer, but is ready for a game as soon as he hears the closing down music on the computer.


I forgot to say he is also very handsome.

More on Ollie later.


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  1. We love Jack Russels. My sister has a young Jack R, he is barking mad and makes such a fuss of my husband whenever they get together. You seem to have so many of the same interests as us. I love the quilting. I'm trying my hand at some quilting for the first time. I make felt using the wool from my sisters sheep. If you are interested then you can view my offerings and garden pics at Take care, Ellie UK