Monday, June 16, 2008

Garden Frames

Garden Frames
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Di's photographic Challenge has got me going. I seem to drive around the countryside seeing frames around every corner, but never in a spot where I can stop. Very frustrating.
However, I decided to walk around the garden for starters and found a lot of natural frames. Very rough, I'm afraid because the garden is wearing its winter doldrums at the moment.

1. The house from under an old flowering gum. I love this view. It's the first one I see when I come home each night
2. Again from under the old gum tree. I love the shape of this old tree - very interesting arrangement of branches and the misty look of the garden in the background contrasted against the boldness of the tree shape - there you go Di, how's that for analysis.
3. The rose arch in winter.It makes an intersting shape and shows off the garden behind.
4 This frame works better in summer when the trees are in full leaf, but I liked the effect of the yellow leafy frame above, echoed by the fallen leaves on the lawn below.

As I said, very rough. I didn't notice te gas bottle in the foreground of number 2, or the dog kennel and droppers, or the untidy furniture in number 4. Still it's realism.

Liz Needle


  1. What a lovely inviting yard you have! The photos look good. I didn't even notice the "faults" you found.

  2. More great frames. Trees and branches make great ones don't they?