Friday, April 25, 2008

Chef for a Day

Despite my good intentions, I have not kept up with my Blog as promised - too much time on my hands. I seem to achieve so much more when I am under pressure and have to keep myself organised to get things done.
The holidays have been slow and pleasant and studded with several new experiences. My son has won himself a position as head chef in a new restaurant recently opened in the Barossa Valley. Before they officially opened, the owner arranged for a TV crew to film the restaurant. This entailed a mad rush as the kitchen, while equipped with new large stuff like stoves, didn't have any utensils etc. They had a head chef, but no menu, food, stores or any other staff. Mark had a week to equip, stock, hire and organise a luncheon for up to 50 people.
It was all hands on deck. Rush orders sent out, a sous chef and a kitchen hand found and a mother (me) co-opted to help in the kitchen preparing for the big day. I had a ball helping with the prep the day before, then actually doing some of the easier tasks, like salads, desserts, cheese plates on the day. I think Mark was a little concerned having me there to start with. Not because I wouldn't be able to cope with the work, but because I might not snap to attention when he said go orif he gave me orders. However, I did exactly what I was told, although I couldn't come at the :Yes, chef", "Certainly, chef" that the others did. The luncheon went off like a charm, everyone said great things about the food and the TV crew were very impressed with the whole day .

Mark in his kitchen

Since then the restaurant has had its opening and promises to be a great success and I have had a taste of what it is like to actually work in a busy restaurant kitchen - not just watch it on TV. This week Don and I went for lunch - every bit as good as we hoped.

Views of the dining area and the bar

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  1. Nice looking restaurant, but where's the food? LOL
    Congrats to Mark!