Monday, September 25, 2006


Hi Friends

This is my first ever blog - not my first try at creating a blog, but I am being positive - this time it is going to work!!!

First about me. My name is Liz Needle and I am a primary school teacher in South Australia. I live in a tiny town called Lenswood, in the Adelaide Hills. Lenswood used to be a major apple growing area, but these days many of the orchards have been turned into vineyards instead. The Adelaide Hills produce excellent cool climate white wines, especially sauvignon blanc - my favourite.

The nearest reasonable sized town to Lenswood is Lobethal - about 6kms away. Lobethal was one of the first German settlements in South Australia. The name means "Valley of Praise". It is famous as the home of the first cricket bat factory in Australia - Kumnicks Cricket Bat Factory, the Onkaparinga Woollen Mills, since closed down, the first Grand Prix in Australia and more recently, the Lobethal Christmas Lights. This is an amazing spectacle and people come from all over in their tens of thousands to view the lights hung from every available hanging space. I might add that many local residents leave home around that time of the year!!!

We, my husband and I live on a 10 acre farmlet that has in its time been home to a menagerie of animals. These days with our children grown up and moving away, we only have a few cattle, 2 dogs and an emu. We also have a large garden which keeps us busy and fit. In my spare time when I am not teaching I garden, quilt, read, cross stitch and cook.

That's enough for a start. Now I have to see if I can make this work.


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